Spring Decisions

I'm  pleased to have two new publications this month. Greys Amid  Colorful Brilliance is an example of "try again." I submitted my original story to a local anthology as a memoir piece, but it was rejected. So, I decided it was actually two stories, cut it to one, and changed it to third person.  The end result? Tighter writing. Click on Stories for a read, but know it's essentially a personal true adventure.

My preferred method for watching movies is from a seat in an actual theater. That's not an option during self-isolation, so I'm discontinuing movie reviews until the world opens up again, which we all hope is soon. Meanwhile, happy streaming!

Kudos to webmaster Phillip Regan for my website's new look. Let me know what you think!I would not have this site without his skills and patience. (The photo on the right, by the way, is the upstairs view from the desk where I write.)

Songwriter Roger Miller on writer's block:


"Sometimes the well goes dry, and you need to stop and fill it up again."

Quoted by Willie Nelson in Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die. Nelson's an amazing songwriter, but his memoir skills are dreadful. Possibly too much weed?



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