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"Remembering Kathy," Common Ground, Gray Whale Press, 2023.

"The Crossing." Borders, Gray Whale Press, 2022.

"White Powder Blues" and "Without a Net." Erosion,  Gray Whale Press, 2021.

"Lessons in Black and White." Night Waves, Gray Whale Press, 2019.

"Mendocino Dreaming." You're Doing What? Older Women's Tales of

 Achievement & Adventure, Regent Press, 2018.

"Wistfully Remembering Four Mop-Topped Liverpudlians." Hooked, Gray Whale Press, 2018.


"Recollections, Adventures, and Change." Mendocino: Writers of the

 Mendocino Coast, Gray Whale Press, 2017.


"All in a Day's Shopping." Short Takes--Secrets, Persimmon Tree, Winter 2022.

"Black Lives DO Matter." Short Takes--Justice,  Persimmon Tree, Fall 2020

"Corona and the Final Goodbye."Short Takes--Where I Live: Coping with Corona #5, Persimmon Tree, Summer 2020.

"Greys Amid Colorful Brilliance." ArtAscent, April 2020.

"Corona Connection." Short Takes--Love in the Time of Corona No. 3, Persimmon Tree, Spring 2020.

"Two Ambivalent Cooks." Redwood Coast Senior Center Gazette,

 January/March 2019.

"Tail of a Hollow Leg" and "Abuse and Family Secrets," The California Writers Club Literary Review, 2017.

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