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Birds in The Garden

Views near the fence are mesmerizing, in the subtle way the light shimmers across the ocean as a patchwork of sparkling white and blue patterns caress the foaming waves. Dozens of Canada geese honk loudly while flying overhead in perfect formation. The garden itself invokes a place of tranquility and meditation through the natural beauty of the outdoors. Birds hover, pecking around their ceramic bathing stand and basking in the occasional sunlight, briefly bickering over whose turn is next, the successful ones flapping their wings in the cool water basin. Sunflower seeds scattered over the clay tiles are picked at by blue scrub jays and spotted towhees, while white crowned sparrows dig in the mud looking for insects and worms. Shaded by plum trees, lavender bushes and deep blue-purple hydrangeas, not far from the green, swinging metal bench with small matching tables, nature wordlessly displays its serenity, its order, and its power.

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